flu360 offerings featuring clinical support
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Clinical Support

flu360® supports clinics at all points of the year, helping staff stay current on vaccine technologies educating practice staff and patients, and relaying relevant guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It's 360 degrees of know-how.

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flu360 offerings featuring clinical support


Impacting influenza through innovation

We are committed to advancing influenza vaccine technology. Two such advancements include our adjuvanted influenza vaccine and our cell-based influenza vaccine.


Guidance for your practice and patients

flu360 contains a year-round library of clinic resources to help educate and guide staff and build awareness among patients. From emails to reference guides to brochures and more, we can help you stay prepared.

flu360 | Expertise and Research

Making it easier to stay in the know

Our flu experts closely monitor the latest findings, including data from the CDC, and relay the most relevant, curated research and developments that could affect your vaccination business.

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Please see Important Safety Information and full US Prescribing Information on each vaccine's respective product page..

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